Mamta has spent twenty years in the industry as an educator and as an academic mentor with the leading Fashion Institutes. She has a rich experience in a multitude of designing projects and has also been involved in Retail education. She has also been on the panel of academic selection for NIFT on behalf of the management body –AIMA between 2007 till 2012.

After a dynamic stint in the industry, she witnessed a complete transformation when her destiny introduced her to the most powerful scripture The Bhagavad Gita .The teachings taught her the power of total surrender and unaltered faith in the powers of the Almighty and thus changed her outlook towards life and its events. She felt totally engrossed into the power and depth of the book as it lend her the wisdom to look at things from a detached perspective and appreciate the larger scheme of things in the smallest and most trivial events happening around us. As a result, she started writing articles that would link routine incidents or familiar anecdotes with The Power above. However, as a bud needs sunlight to blossom into a magnificent flower, her source of strength and inspiration comes directly from The Ultimate Source of everything.

Her reading, thus became a foundation for her writing journey and her columns were regularly published in “Inner Voice”, the spiritual editorial section of the national daily, The Hindustan Times. Besides this she also started her blog titled ‘‘The Krishna Calling’’ on leading blog site – WordPress. This new engagement as an Inspirational writer and the success in it became a source of encouragement for her to begin the journey of writing a book.

As the events of her life have been unfolding, Mamta is now set on a spiritual journey, deriving her strength and inspiration from The Bhagavad Gita, which she feels has the power and depth to change the world. She wants to dedicate her life propagating her interpretations from the sacred text which might be a source of a contextual guidance to people. She, through her written works desires to promulgate as how to stay connected with the ultimate power while we all go through the self-routines of our respective lives and its incidental journey.

Mamta is also on the Jury panel for We Care Film Festival – an organisation which specifically showcases short films on disability issues around the world for over fifteen years. Her association with the initiative has deepened her spiritual endeavours and has given a newer meaning to her writings.

Her book titled ‘The Perennial Journey’ is the journey of her thoughts, the journey of her life and the journey of her enlightenment about the true realities of life. The enlightenment of who we actually are, how we exist and who is the Power that makes us what we are.