‎Rajneesh Wadhwa

Enlightenment is a tricky word. It means different things to different people. For some, it’s the path that leads to the summit of spiritual attainment. Others think it’s complete and utter baloney. Still others see it simply as a state of consciousness. Whatever the case may be, the tricky part of enlightenment lies within the word itself. Its definition lacks the universal (or objective) notion of what enlightenment actually is, hence the confusion.
You have captured all these aspects very aptly. It’s a beautiful journey that you’ve captured and it’s for the reader to appreciate that answers to existence arise from intense spiritual labour that acts as a catalyst for inner transformation. One will not find them by sitting in the lotus position and gazing into an abyss for hours. Enlightenment demands a more holistic approach towards being; specifically, a thorough yet balanced management of work, study and rest. Every aspect of your life counts. Every minute and every second is a contribution to the whole.
In several ways you have touched misconceptions about the idea of enlightenment by highlighting that the true purpose of self-reflection is to correct our mistaken thoughts and actions, and learn from them, thereby creating a more constructive life. Self-reflection is not just the simple act of discovering past mistakes and making up for these mistakes, like resetting a negative to zero.
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